Tuesday Break


Three day weekends are just the best. I know you guys agree that if all weekends were 3 days, people would be happier. It can be hard to have a work life balance sometimes especially with the 9-5 workday and weekends flying by. But having 3 full days off and just 4 work days makes way more sense than just 2 days off. Just saying. 😉

Quick recap of my Labor Day weekend, went to Newport Beach Saturday and Monday morning, rode bikes on the beach with my mama, ate sushi, food prepped for the week and watched Bachelor in Paradise. It was so nice and relaxing and I’m ready for the 4 day week.

palm trees

Even though I’m so relaxed from such a lovely weekend, I am still going to have to take a raincheck on my post today, as I ease back into this week. (I’ll try to squeeze in what I was planning to post while I’m at work where I sometimes blog..shh!) Can’t wait to read what you’ve all been up to this weekend!








12 thoughts on “Tuesday Break

  1. My co-worker/best friend and I always talk about how it would make so much more sense to work 4 and be off 3!
    I used to be able to blog at work but now wordpress is blocked, and I almost cried the day it happened. So, your secret is safe with me! (:

  2. Megan

    Agreed! I had a job in college where I worked 10 hour shifts and then had Friday, Saturday & Sundays off. I think I could go back to that kind of schedule again! Sounds like you had a good weekend too!

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