Bookworm Wednesday Link Up

I’m linking up today with my blogging friends, Molly and Katie for Book Worm Wednesday!

bookwormwednesday1I’ve been pretty busy lately so this post is going to be short and sweet. Can’t wait to see what you are all reading!

My blogging friend Carrie recently brought to my attention a book called the Kindness Diaries, by Leon Logotethis. Here was her review:

Leon is a very successful guy who’s really paved his own way following his passion, but still in him he felt something was unfulfilled. so he concocted up the plan to travel around the world relying on nothing but the kindness of strangers. he literally left home with nothing but a yellow motor bike he named Kindness One. the journey he had truly was amazing, and the connections he made with people along the way were touching to say the least. this is the kind of book that carries such a strong and important message. a must read for everyone.

I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on a copy of this book, it sounds right up my alley!


And currently I just started reading The Lost Girls by 3 friends who took a year out of their lives from New York to travel the world for a year.

I love books about travel, adventures and friendship. I’m loving this book so far and am just about ready to pack my bags and travel too! 😉 (sounds so nice right about now as I’m typing in my office at my desk.) Haha that feeling of wanderlust never leaves me.  Highly recommend reading this one.

lost girls


23 thoughts on “Bookworm Wednesday Link Up

    1. I’ve been pretty busy lately but finally starting setting time aside to read again and it feels so good, I’ve missed it! I like to bring my book with me everywhere and squeeze in a few minutes here and there while I’m waiting for stuff, makes the time go by so much faster!

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