Friday Favorites: Bears, Elephants & New Link Up!

This week has been nice and short with me being out of town last week Thursday to Monday. But as usual I’m so happy it’s Friday!

I have been holding on to a secret for the last 15 months and finally get to share it today! And my blogging friend Mattie over at Northwest Native and I are announcing our very first link up today too! Hope you all have great weekends, can’t wait to read about your plans in all the link ups!  the-new-youDave has been working in Alaska on and off for the last year and a half and this past weekend I finally got to go and visit him! We did a mini road trip to Denali National Park and we saw moose, a bear, and sheep!

bearrthe-new-you1Last year in May I was asked by a friend of ours to go to Africa to be a translator for a National Geographic documentary. Hmm let me think about that for a second….um YES PLEASE!!!

I have been on lock down for the last 15 months not being able to talk about it but finally this Sunday the documentary is going to premiere on National Geographic at 8pm Eastern Time.

I was able to see a rough edit of it in May when we were in New York but I’m super excited to see the final cut. Sadly my part of the doc didn’t make it but I had the most amazing time and met some lifelong friends. Two of the photos I took while I was there are featured on the website though and that’s pretty cool!

ngRecently the host of this doc Bryan Christy was on NPR. You can listen to the interview here. There was also an article by USA Today and it’s the main cover story for National Geographic’s magazine out this month (I already picked up my copy!)

It’s an incredibly sad and serious topic about the illegal ivory trading that is going on all over the world. I’d love for you all the check it out and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! I will try to put together a post next week about my time in Togo (which is Western Africa, it’s right next to Ghana.)

THE NEW YOU(2)In line with the documentary I was just talking about AOL also recently had a feature with Chelsea Clinton talking about stopping the demand for ivory:

ccTHE NEW YOU(3)Great article about the ‘rules’ of Instagram:

voguefiveLastly Mattie and I want to announce that we are going to be hosting our very first link up together! We came up with some ideas to finish out the year. We hope you will join us at the first weekday of each month. Our first one starts Tuesday September 1st!Linking Up2

sept 1 fave

Friday has become the day of the link ups. Here are the wonderful women I’m linking up with each week: Hill Collection and Running 4 Cupcakes




27 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Bears, Elephants & New Link Up!

  1. 15 months is a long time to have to keep a secret that’s so exciting as that! I can’t wait to see how your time in Africa was, so neat!
    I can’t wait for the link up with you and Mattie!
    Have a wonderful weekend! (:

  2. That’s so awesome that you got to go to Africa for that documentary! Michael went to Africa and loved it, he says we have to go together some day. It’s so sad how elephants are treated. Even in the United States. They really shouldn’t be in zoos. 😦 The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle recently had its elephants removed because they were horrible to them. We went right before they were moved and the elephant was just standing there swaying back and forth, and I Google’d it and apparently the swaying is psychological, caused by being in captivity.

    On a lighter note, I’m so excited for our link-up!

    1. I loved every minute of it 🙂 I want to go back for sure one of these days with Dave! Where in Africa did Michael go?

      It’s crazy learning about elephants and the illegal ivory trade, breaks me heart! I’m so glad this doc is bringing attention to this!

      And yes SO excited for our link up Mattie 🙂 have a great weekend!

  3. national geographic?!? that is huge! what an amazing opportunity! also that Instagram article. it’s so funny, but also so true that were are these unwritten “rules” of most social media formats.

  4. rothseri

    I could never go 15 months without talking about something! I envy your travels. I can’t wait until I get to do some of my own traveling! I hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

    – Seri

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