Friday Favorites!

We all made it to Friday, yay! 🙂 Today will be my first full day in Alaska and we are heading to Denali National Park! Let me know if there’s any places we should check out! We will be staying in near Healy.

Hope you all have great weekends, see you back here Monday!THE NEW YOUI love this article about Tea Leoni with the title “I Earned Every Line on My Face.” I think it’s such a positive message to send to woman to love their wrinkles and laugh lines. Just means you wen through life and enjoyed it 🙂 And how gorgeous does she look?


THE NEW YOU(1)It’s no secret around here that I love the royal family. So I was so excited when recently rare behind the scenes photos of Diana and Charles’s wedding was released! How cool to get a glimpse behind all the pomp and circumstance.


THE NEW YOU(2) One of my friends posted this on Facebook recently and I just love it! It was a list of Love is the Little Things that went along with adorable illustrations like this:

Love Means Falling Asleep on Each Other’s Shoulders


THE NEW YOU(3)I’ve always loved Sophia Bush, ever since her days on One Tree Hill. She is featured this month on Health magazine and she talked about the word enough.

“The word enough is a monster for me,” she said. “I don’t know how anyone ever feels that they are enough: successful enough, smart enough, pretty enough, healthy enough.”

“I got so scared the first time I decided to say, ‘I am terrified of not being enough,’ ” she continued. “And what came back tenfold – women who identify, women who sympathize and women who experience all of that – was mind-boggling to me. We are so in this together. And that helps.”



I love Jillian Harris and her blog. She just seems so real and fun. She always gives great advice and this week is no exception. NN4sGVmT-eqk7gW01TEb6p4KHmUGAd964ND53eHUC1UiTxNT9YV8KfRD5bkgn0H4UZbHcqa0QduTsFS-MZGks4-copy


Friday has become the day of the link ups. Here are the wonderful women I’m linking up with each week: Hill Collection and Running 4 Cupcakes




14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. I love Sophia Bush! That Love is the Little Things illustration is soo cute. I love what Tea Leoni said about wrinkles and laugh lines–so true! And yes, she is gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear (well, read!) about Alaska!

  2. What a fun post. As a woman with lines and more lines coming out daily, I have to agree, we earn every one of them! Embrace them. Visiting from September Farm link up

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