Friday Favorites!

I’m so happy it is finally Friday! I’m really looking forward to a weekend of relaxing. I’m going to a company picnic Saturday and then a pool party Sunday. Excited to see what you are all up to through all the link ups. the-new-you

compton-600 featured an article about a sweet 6 year old boy who sadly lost both of his parents recently, but is going around town just trying to make people smile, caling it the Smile Experiment.


A friend of mine is raising money for the 2015 Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Chicago at the end of next month, and if you feel so inclined please donate here.


Hi all,

I’m writing to you today to ask you to consider donating once again to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s along Chicago’s beautiful lakefront. You’ve all very generously helped me in this effort in past years (many of you annually!), for which I am so grateful. You are my all stars!

Thanks to you, the Chicago Walk raised over $750k last year. Those funds don’t just go to research in finding a cure, but also to supporting the caretakers, the educators and the public policy initiatives that make a difference in the fight against this awful disease. This year we have a bigger goal of $1m and the Walk is only 9 weeks away!

You can learn more about the disease from this quick Alzheimer’s Facts & Figures video.

To donate again this year:
(You can also join my team at that link—anyone is welcome!)
Thanks for taking the time to consider this & please feel free to forward to anyone who may be interested.
Glamour Magazine posted an excerpt from Minday Kaling’s new book, Why Not Me? And I love her even more. I think she’s a fantastic role model for hard work, humor, minority girls, and females in comedy. She is so real and easy to relate to. I can not wait for her new season on Hulu and her new book! I absolutely loved her first book, Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?
Allure featured 6 Bachelor  alums and they talked about their beauty routines while on the show and I always find it interesting to hear about make up because I never wear makeup and am so clueless about it.
fiveI can’t get over how cute these books are that they sell at Buckingham Palace. I want them for my future children! Those illustrations are too cute. royal-baby-book-800

32 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. My Urban Family

    I am obsessed with adorable kids books! My husband and I are just starting to get situated to start a family, but we’ve already been picking up a few books here and there. Those are so cute!

  2. Catherine and Sean are one of my favorite Bachelor couples 🙂 Her makeup always looks flawless, so I could probably use some of her tips! Mindy Kalig’s first book was hilarious. I didn’t know there was a second!

  3. What a positive boy! I don’t know how I would handle losing a parent, much less two. I grew up without a father figure, but couldn’t imagine losing my mother. I am definitely checking out the page, as someone who has experienced it in a loved one first hand I know how devasting Alzheimers is. These books are so cute, deifnitely checking them out 🙂

    liz @ sundays with sophie

    1. I completely agree. Parents are such important, life changing people especially in a child’s life. But as long as that little boy is surround by love hopefully he will be ok 😦

      Thanks for checking out that page! Alzheimers is such a heartbreaking disease!

      Have a good weekend Liz!

  4. Those book are adorable I want them so badly too! I got married within a few months of the royal couple and had my first within 6 months of them and the same with our second. So cute!

    1. Must have been so hard on your family. I follow Maria Shriver’s blog and she talks about Alzheimer’s a lot because her dad had it and it’s really sad but so interesting.

      And yes Mindy’s book is going to be amazing. Can NOT wait 🙂

      happy weekend Mattie!!

  5. I’ve seen all sorts of royals stuff lately! Love those books! Also, I read through that Allure article and really liked it! It gives a lot of behind the scenes info on the Bachelor, too. Thanks for linking it!

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