Friday Favorites: Baby Besties, Royal Family & Travel

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THE NEW YOUSo this is actually from an Us Weekly Magazine article that came on last week, but I had to share.
They’re 2 1/2 year old best friends, Ava and Ever, whose moms are also best friends. They model and have a huge following on their Instagram account foreverandforava. They wear matching outfits are are just precious!
THE NEW YOU(1)Any time there is anything to do with the Royal Family, I’m all over it. They are just so beyond precious. Look at that gorgeous, properly, British family. As all the kids are saying these days, “I literally can’t even!” Hah!
prince-george-3-495Even though the day was all about Charlotte and her christening, George always manages to steal the show. He has the cutest facial expressions and has the most adorable outfits. I can’t wait to see the fabulous clothes Charlotte will wear as she grows up, with a mama as stylish as Kate is.
prince-george-1-435And lastly I just love this pic of George standing up on his tippy toes looking at his little sister. So stinking precious.prince-george-5-495
Yesterday they release 4 new official portraits and I am, once again, IN LOVE. Wow just wow, they are perfection. And it’s their first family of 4 photo!
THE NEW YOU(2)date_-01-january-30004img_7402In case you missed my interview with Carrie on Wednesday, be sure to check it out here. She took a year off school and traveled to South East Asia, hitting 8 countries in 6 weeks, making friends with people and monkeys along the way 🙂
THE NEW YOU(3)My favorite post from this week was yesterday on Travel Thursday where I listed some of my favorite murals/street art from the last few years of our travels from New York to California.
fivekaitlyn-on-the-bachelorette-picLast week I mentioned that THIS Saturday I’ll be attending the Men Tell All taping in LA and I could not be more excited! (Did anyone else hear Chandler saying that? Hah!) I don’t think I’ll be able to have my phone in there to take pictures, but hopefully I’ll have some good stories for you all, come Monday! Have a fabulous weekend ladies!

24 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Baby Besties, Royal Family & Travel

  1. Amelia Vesper

    Ok, I have to admit I’m not a kid person, but those 2 year old BFFs are freaking adorable. And you will have to give us all the dirty details about Men Tell All! 😀

  2. Sophia Rodriguez

    I follow Ava and Ever too! They are so adorable! I’M JEALOUS THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE AT MEN TELL ALL! I can’t wait to read all about it! Have a great weekend! (:

  3. Found you from Oh Hey Friday! Now following… Loved your Chandler reference, agreed with your Royal Family comments, loved the cute model friends you posted about! And can’t wait to heart about TMTA!

  4. Okay those BFFS are adorable! I’ve been bffs with my bestie since we were babies… man I wish Instagram was out then! I loved your post on Carrie. It was so inspiring to read! 🙂 How did you manage to get into the Tell All?! SO COOL! Have fun 🙂

    1. I love that you’ve been bffs since babies, that’s so sweet! you should do a post about it!

      I have a friend of a friend who I met that is an editor for the show and he very nicely requested tickets for me! It was a dream come true! haha:)

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