Travel Thursdays: Street Art/Murals All Over the USA

Back in 2012 on one of our second major road trips we visited my cousin Chris in South Dakota. We met up with him in downtown Rapid City and after lunch he and his friend walked us to to Art Alley. It is such a colorful place with really cool artwork.




IMG_0090I saw this mural while we were walking around in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in New York and I loved how colorful and how fun it was. It was my first time to NYC in 2012.

578601_10100748029739529_776156408_nOn our road trip to San Fran from Chicago in 2012 we drove through Bishop, California which is a big climbing community, and at a random gas station this was on the wall.

IMG_2675In 2013 on a road trip to Colorado we were driving out of downtown Denver and came across this awesomeness.


207115_639621626457_5592381_nIn case you missed my post about us Jumping for Joy.

In December of 2013 we went to Austin, Texas for our friends’ Kristina and Patrick’s wedding and hung out in the South Congress (SoCo) area. This is a pretty famous staple of the SoCo area and it was fun to see in person. There was a line of people waiting to take a picture here.

CaptureIn December 2013 for Dave’s birthday we decided to drive up to Santa Barbara for the day to explore. While we were walking around town after lunch we came across these gems.


unnamedMarch of this year when we went on our LA to Seattle Road Trip, I looked up a few murals in major cities that I wanted to see.

Here were my favorites from San Fran:



img_20150301_170239Portland, Oregon had some awesome ones:



This was from a random street in Brooklyn during our trip in New York this past May. I love to travel and move around to experience new towns, but I am always a little homesick for Chicago IMG_20150501_111422This little snail was also from Williamsburg after we ate at the Rabbit Hole.


As you can see, I really enjoy finding murals/street art in different cities and states. It’s unique to that area and adds a lot of pizazz and color to a place.

Any fun murals in your city I should check out next time I’m there?


16 thoughts on “Travel Thursdays: Street Art/Murals All Over the USA

  1. Oh I love these! I haven’t found any as cool as you have, but the town that my husband grew up in has a sidewalk chalk festival and they block off main street and artists come and create the most amazing artwork on the road! Reminds me of that!! Very cool!!!

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