Friday Faves: Jumping, July 4th & Men Tell All!

Happy Friday friends! I’m linking up with the ladies at A Little Bit of Everything BlogGrace and Love Blog, and Momfessionals as usual! 🙂 Head on over to all their sites if you wanna join in the link ups!


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 One of my all time favorite post is from this week when I shared pictures from our road trips of us jumping. It’s a fun little thing we’ve done through the years and will continue to do.
IMG_1273 copy

the-new-you1This week was a big one in terms of the new Supreme Court ruling to recognize gay marriage in all 50 states! It will definitely be something our generation will remember. I am not going to get political here on the blog but I got such a kick out of this Jimmy Kimmel video asking kids to explain it. I love the innocence of children and their accepting minds.

I’m currently obsessed with the Tone It Up girls ever since seeing them at the Hermosa Beach Shape It Up event. Here is a quick workout I found on Pinterest.
fourSo last week I shared some of my current favorite bloggers and I thought I’d do it again this week.
Kelley and her family used to live in California and are now living abroad in England. I love following her blog and seeing her family adventures in Europe. Follow her at her blog Madeline in the City.
Ailee is a blogger over at Snap Shots and My Thoughts, that I found recently. She shares her life in Texas with bloggers that include her husband and sweet baby girl. Her photos on her blog are gorgeous like this one:
I found Mattie through the links up recently and she’s a girl who lives in Washington state and talks about life with her finance and cute dogs. She blogs at Northwest Native.
fiveOn Tuesday I got the most exciting and unexpected email:
CaptureSo a little back story on how I met an editor of the Bachelor. He is a friend of a friend. My friend Erin, knew I was a huge fan on the show. She said that one day we would all have to hang out.
Erin is the best hostess I know. She’s great at throwing parties and cooking delicious meals and bringing people together. So one night, months ago, we had a get together and finally I got to meet the infamous editor of the Bachelor.
This was before this current season of Kaitlynn had started. He said “So what do you want to know?” Haha! I had SO many questions! Being a fan of the show for years (I’ve literally seen every season but one) so I, of course, had a million questions. He answered them all and was so kind.
After that party we both went on our merry way and haven’t talked or seen each other since. And Tuesday I got that email out of the blue! How incredibly kind and thought of him! I was blown away and so touched. It says a lot about how great he is to do something so thoughtful for someone he met once.
So thanks to a very nice man I get to attend the Men Tell All taping next Saturday, after watching it on TV for so many years! It’s going to be, wait for it…..”amazing!” Any Bachelor fans out there will know that they overuse that word like crazy every season 🙂
sixAnd lastly I wanted to share some July 4th inspiration for dessert options I found on Pinterest for this weekend.

a83b84fc6ee8dc1226a35481fd707f7b Source: Family Fresh Meals

d4915ab25c4093610deaebd93cc70973Source: The 36th Avenue

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Can’t wait to see everyone’s July 4th weekend posts.

Some friends and I are going paddle boarding with their dog Stitch on Friday. We will probably hit the pool, BBQ somewhere, and my mom is moving to California from Texas to be closer to my brother and I. So lots of fun things happening this weekend!

See you all Monday!


15 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Jumping, July 4th & Men Tell All!

  1. The Men Tell All!?! Awesome!!!! Great desserts for the 4th too!! I just may have to bring one of these to my BBQ tomorrow! Have a great holiday!!

  2. Ahhh thank you so much for including me in your list of current favorite bloggers! I was reading that and then saw ‘Mattie’ and I was like, wait…then I saw that you were really talking about me! 🙂 Your blog is one of my new favorites too! And oh my gosh, the men tell all?! Really?! And wait…isn’t Shay going to that (along with Shaeffer, if you read her blog)?? Maybe you’ll get to meet her in person (I saw that you had interviewed her in the past)!

    1. You’re so welcome Mattie! I’ve been checking your blog on the regular 🙂 it’s fun to see what I can expect in Seattle in the fall!

      I already emailed Shay and she told me to flag her down at the show! I’m really hoping to meet her and shaeffer 🙂 makes me so happy that you know they’re going too. I love their blogs! Small world.

      Have a great weekend!

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