Fun Wedding Cake Toppers

With summer almost upon us, it means that it’s also wedding season. I have gone to one wedding this year already in beautiful NYC, and have another one in July in Chicago, October in North Carolina, and if I can make it, in November in Indiana. I love going to weddings. I love the details of the day, seeing everyone so happy and in love, and just being with people I genuinely love.

Recently I came upon a website called Patience Brewster that sells all sorts of creative ornaments, purses, cake toppers, and jewelry, etc and it inspired me to share my current favorite cake toppers for wedding cakes. I always love looking on Pinterest to find inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites:


Dave and I have lived in the suburbs of Chicago, in Chicago (in Wrigleyville), in the Dupont Circle neighborhood and Washington DC, in Santa Monica California, and now in Orange County, California. We love to travel and I love creative ways to show that in wedding details like these two cake toppers:35aef241af16debacdf5b9a4438178afNo matter where I live Chicago will always be home and hold a special place in my heart, so I love this idea of putting a mini skyline on the cake.

tkrny14ss_montage_rachelmatthew_12And lastly I love when couples show their personalities in fun little ways like having penguins as cake toppers!

d684af3cb4d0fa878fdd68ad6d7f0487I went over to the Patience Brewster website and found a bunch of cute Christmas ornaments that they sell and could also be used as a wedding cake topper. And how cute to have your cake topper double as an ornament that you hang on your tree every year?


If you’re looking for a creative gift, ornaments, or otherwise (they also offer purses, journals, and holiday decorations) be sure to check out their delightful website!

What was your favorite cake topper at a wedding you’ve been to? Or what was the significance of your wedding cake topper?


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