Love, Lust & Faking It by Jenny McCarthy


I’ve been a fan of all the Jenny McCarthy books I’ve read. She tells it like it is, always makes me laugh, and is self deprecating. What more could you ask for in an author? Her books are always a fun, lighthearted read.

In this book, “Love, Lust & Faking It,” she tells hilarious stories about botox, her catholic school girl upbringing, and what her boob job operation was like. She holds nothing back and is again incredibly real and down to earth.

Other stories she shares:

  • What its like to pose for Playboy and how she got in and became Miss October.
  • Finding real friends and avoiding mean girls in your childhood and how it helped her grow a thick skin for Hollywood
  • Therapy helped her realize her past relationship mistakes and she now has higher standards
  • Universal women topics like accepting ourselves, insecurities and experiencing your first real love



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