Travel Thursdays: The Color Run in Chicago

Back in 2013, two of my friends and I ran the Color Run in Chicago.





WP_000388What a gorgeous city Chicago is. 🙂


When you register you get a white tshirt so you can see all the colors more clearly once you run. Here is the sea of white before the race.


The sea of white before the color splashes.

WP_000398Here is what it looks like when you run through the colored flour powder.


After the 5k race they have music on stage and people dance and they drench you with more color powder. WP_000414



Our before and after pics 🙂



Being that this blog is called, Say yes to happy, I am obviously very interested in happiness, and make sure to do things that make me happy. I loved this happiness wall. And the simple but profound question, what makes you happy? It’s so different for everyone and so personal.

If you’re thinking about running a color run, I’d definitely recommend it. It’s fun, light hearted, and full of color!


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