True Love by Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez’s book, “True Love” is a book about her Dance Again tour as well as the lessons she’s learned about loving yourself. She gives you a real look into her life, behind all the hair, makeup, and fancy outfits.


She chronicles her journey leading up to the tour, shares her set list, pictures from the world tour, and how she grew as a person. She shares a lot of intimate photos of her with her children, twins Max and Emme.


She learned a lot about herself and examines her past relationships. She realizes that she had low self esteem and sought approval from other people for many years.

Through having her children and getting divorced for the third time she was forced to examine her past habits and improve herself.

Jennifer really puts herself out there in this book and is honest and vulnerable. It’s a book many women can relate to and empathize with. Good for her for loving herself and becoming a stronger, resilient women!


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