5 Tiny Ways To Improve Your Life

Love these simple ways to improve your life

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The Pursuit Of HappinessThe Pursuit Of Happyness

1. Follow The Rick Ross Diet

Let me explain.

Following his seizure, human teddy-bear Rick Ross begrudgingly began a health-conscious lifestyle approach. And when I say begrudgingly, I mean begrudgingly. He says he “forgot what fruit tasted like” before adding pears and diced pineapple to his diet.

Follow his lead. Take a delicious favorite fruit or two and maybe one vegetable. I like baby carrots. There’s nothing special about them, but I find them super easy to incorporate into any meal.

Now, have one serving of that fruit every day and one of that vegetable almost every day.

That’s it. That’s the diet.

Look: real diets are hard. But on the other hand doing literally nothing is so, so easy. You may as well take a lesson from Rick Ross and do the laziest, easiest, half-assed incorporation of fruits and veggies while eating whatever else…

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One thought on “5 Tiny Ways To Improve Your Life

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