Geri Halliwell’s If Only


I loved the Spice Girls growing up. I remember being in 5th grade and all choosing a Spice Girl to be with my group of friends (I was Posh Spice.) We watched their music videos, sang their songs, and ate their lollipops. The whole nine yards. 🙂

So it was really interesting to read about Geri Halliwell’s experience as Ginger Spice. She talked all about her upbringing in Watford, England and how she always wanted to make it. She went through lots of auditions and different avenues to become famous. She did modeling, was a dancer in night clubs, and was on a popular Turkey game show all before she auditioned to be in a girl band.

Throughout her adolescent years and into adulthood she would binge eat and would throw up after feeling terrible about herself. She had bulimia without knowing it. She had self esteem issues with her body image and with the men she had in her life. She thought that fame and money would validate her and make her problems go away, but of course that wasn’t the case.

She chronicles her short lived time with the Spice Girls and what a whirlwind it was in those years how they started out and she left during their world tour. They set world records in the Guinness book and were as popular of a British invasion to the US as the Beatles.


It’s amazing to think of all the things they accomplished in such a short time. Geri also talks about what it’s like to be famous and get recognized in public and how you lose touch with reality when you have handlers taking care of every little detail. She also talked about what it was like for her family and how reporters hounded them and her exes for stories and pictures. She also explains her reasons for leaving the band and how she felt days after leaving.

I liked reading about the camaraderie between the girls and how the supported each other and reassured one another in tough times. They had an infectious energy and spread girl power throughout the world. They definitely spiced up my life as a young girl.


She spreads the message of being an independent woman, the importance of pursuing your dreams so you don’t have to wonder if only, and remembering what’s the most important in your life when things can get crazy and distorted.


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