Day 7 Skykomish River

Yesterday I mentioned how Dave being in the film industry has introduced us to really great people. Hayes and Dave spent time in Alaska together on a film project and we met up with him in San Fran and again in Washington state. We rented a cabin on the Skykomish River for 2 nights. The first night was just the four of us: Dave and I, Hayes and his fiance Kate. They also brought along their awesome dog Boda.

The first night we were there, everyone went in the hot tub and I decided to opt out and write in my journal and watch the Parent Trap. What a classic movie. 🙂 Then Kate came in and we got to talking and really bonded over a lot of things.

The next morning two more couple friends of ours met us at the cabin. Justin and Megan are our friends from Chicago and Denny and Sarah went to high school with us. Denny and Dave have been friends with kindergarden! And they grew up down the block from each other. We are loosely planning a move to Seattle this fall and these three couples would be the people we’d be hanging out with and going on adventures together.

When we were at the Chandelier Tree in Northern California we went into the gift shop and found this little guy, a money riding in a banana cart. We usually stick to buying postcards and the occasion sticker and avoid trinkets from our travels but this guy was too funny and random to pass up. I thought it’d be fun to take pictures with him at different locations. Here is his debut. We are working on a name for him and would love your suggestions! IMG_20150307_100645-EFFECTS

Once everyone got to the cabin we headed to this short hike. It was a beautiful sunny day out and perfect for hiking and catching up with new and old friends.


 At the end of the hike was this tower that lead to an amazing view.


I posted this picture on our Instagram. This picture is the view at the top of the Cascade Mountain range, which I had not heard much about but they are very grand and really beautiful. Dave and I look forward to spending more time in the Cascades in the future.



 Here are the boys at different points of our hike.



Justin was super excited about going to Sultan Bakery that was really delicious. And if you go there, get some cookies! They’re fantastic.



When we got back to the cabin we went for a walk down the Skykomish River. It was really muddy but really fun. We built rock bridges to get across to a little island, played pig and horse by aiming at rocks, and had a lot of fun.


Here’s Boda leading the way back to the cabin.


 Here’s a nice close up of our little unnamed buddy and the gorgeous Cascades.


That night we cooked burgers and brats and chatted about life. The girls also played card games and Boda has a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out.) She was right there in the action 🙂


Our friends weren’t able to stay the night, but after they left the 4 of us went to the hot tub and it was perfect weather for it. It was a really relaxing and fun filled two days of friends, food, hiking, and hot tubbing.


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