Friday Favorites: Yoga, Skirts, & Chocolate Edition

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I heard about the new show Younger from ads and through some blogs and didn’t get around to watching it, but it was on my list. Then on Tuesday night it came on tv and I really got into it. It’s a show about a single mom who struggles to get back into the working world and pretends she’s 26 to a get a job and ends up making younger friends and dates a younger guy.

Yes, Hollywood is obsessed with aging and perfection and being younger, but this show is more about reliving your 20s, possibilities, and has funny cultural references.

The cast is fun and there are a few new actors I haven’t heard of.  I really like the chemistry between the main character and her current love interest. He’s really charming and they’re sweet together. It’s a fun show that I’m really excited to start watching!



Locations-lululemon-logo-159ewlgSince we moved to Santa Monica in October of 2013 I wanted to do activities to keep busy and to meet people. My friend Jamie mentioned to me that Lululemon offers free yoga on the weekends. So I start going with her.

I also went because it was a nice way to stretch my muscles and strengthen my core for when I was training for my marathon. I ended up really enjoying yoga and now I like to go just for fun.

Lululemon offers free yoga in a lot of locations, so I’d highly suggest you check it out!


And speaking of free yoga classes, Whole Foods actually offers free yoga too at certain locations. So check their website to see if your local one does too.




Since I always have my nose stuck in some book, I thought it’d be fun to share what books I’m reading on Friday Favorites. Right now I’m about two-thirds of the way done with The Good Son by Christopher Andersen. I’ve read a few of his other books and really enjoy the way he writes and goes into detail about his subjects. This book came out last year, so it’s nice to hear recent stories from lots of different sources.

To see other books I’ve read by him be sure to check out our Book Club page.


I love going to Target and browsing to see what they have on sale. I found these Ghirardelli milk chocolate spiced almonds and I had to try them. And let me tell you, they are fabulous!  I think they are my new favorite chocolate snack.



I am going to a wedding in New York in early May so I went shopping yesterday to look for a dress. I went into Windsor and found this big, gorgeous, flowy, hot pink skirt. I love bright colors and had to try it on. I texted a few girlfriends to get their opinions and they all liked it too, so it helped me decide. Done and done!


The skirt was $32.90 and the crop top is $19.90.

crop toppink maxi


Happy Friday friends, hope you all have a lovely weekend!




9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Yoga, Skirts, & Chocolate Edition

  1. You are rocking that crop top and skirt!! I love that look 🙂 The sea salt cashew Ghiradelli are my favorite. I am scared to try the spiced ones! Ha! And I really don’t know why I don’t take advantage of Lululemon’s free yoga more often. It is so fun every time I go!

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