The Men We Became by Rob Littell

In this book, The Men We Became, by Rob Littell paints an intimate and honest portrait of who JFK Jr. was. Rob and John met as freshmen at Brown University and were friends for 20 years. They grew up together, lived together, went on numerous adventures (such as Europe, helicopter skiing, kayaking) and attended each other’s weddings, etc.


Rob is very honest about everything that they went through. He talks about how John dealt with being a celebrity and everything that went with it, including an incident with a stalker in college who showed up at their door. Rob saw how the legend of John’s famous father JFK affected him and his and other people’s expectations of him. He also addresses a lot of the rumors about John, John and Carolyn’s relationship, mentions of them wanting to have kids, John’s talk of running for president, and his dynamic with his famous mother Jackie.


I love reading books from people who knew him well because they paint him in such a positive light. JFK Jr. seemed like a stand up guy, who was so loyal, adventurous, charismatic, and down to earth. The hardest thing about reading books about him is how it always has to end with his untimely death, leaving those closest to him reeling from the enormous loss.


It is easy to see how much they loved and respected one another. They had a true ‘bromance’ and supported each other through the varying stages of their lives. It’s a book about true friendship, growing up, and loss.


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