Day 3 Northern California to Oregon

Day 3 of our road trip started bright and early and we left San Fran and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve driven on this bridge multiple times and it is always beautiful to me. It’s a structurally gorgeous bridge and it deserves all the press and popularity it gets in my opinion.


IMG_20150302_073702Our drive was very scenic and peaceful. The beautiful open roads and different scenery are one of my favorite parts of going on road trips.




Our friend Jesse suggested we go to Fort Bragg to see Glass Beach. Glass Beach has sea glass that has been created from years of dumping garbage, back in the early 20th century. It’s crazy to think that people used to literally dump their garbage into the beautiful deep blue ocean.



IMG_20150302_120851After Glass Beach we went into the town of Fort Bragg and walked into some shops and had lunch. We went to some diner that I don’t remember the name of and had a grilled cheese.

Then we were back on the road again headed to the Redwoods. There are multiple parts of the Redwoods National Park and Forest. We went to the Chandelier tree and drove our 4Runner through it 3 times. We had to pull our side mirrors in or else we wouldn’t have fit! We filmed it and took pics. It was a really cool thing. It was quick, but so memorable and awesome. If I remember correctly it was a $5 entrance free because it’s privately owned by a family and not the national park.



After our quick drive through the tree we continued driving and crossed into the Oregon border! IMG_20150303_140703We went for a short hike in the Redwoods and enjoyed the weather and admired the epic trees.



After getting out of the car and stretching out legs, it was time to get back in the car and head towards Eugene where my cousin lives. We had a quick dinner with some fresh scallops and fries then headed to my cousin’s house where we preceded to have brownies with ice cream. We caught up and updated each other on our lives.

Being able to see family and friends while on the road makes the many miles and long hours worth it. We squeezed a lot into our day and it was full of firsts. First time to glass beach, driving through a tree! And my first time to the Redwoods (Dave has been before.) Day 3 of our road trip and we had already done and seen so much!

Tomorrow I’ll share our adventures in Portland and the waterfalls we saw including Multnomah Falls, which I’d wanted to see for years! Happy Monday friends.

4 thoughts on “Day 3 Northern California to Oregon

  1. That really looked like a lot of fun. There’s something about traveling with your main squeeze that brings out the best in a person. All the singing in the car with the tunes, road side attractions and selfies, cheap lunches at fun cafe’s, it’s all great. We don’t get to do it as often as I’d like. Always in a hurray, so good for you for slowing down and taking in the sites!

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