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Happy Friday all! It’s been a busy week catching up after our road trip. #firstworldproblems 🙂 Hope you all had great weeks. As usual I’m looking forward to the weekend!

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I’m currently obsessed with gallery walls. I have a bunch of art that I’ve been meaning to hang up for months now and have lately been looking to Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas. I love the colors, graphics, and quotes all mixed together.



I love this shelf which allows for a display of cute things that can’t be hung. I love lots of colors mixed together and I love, love this set up. The pillows, the pictures, the coffee table, everything! 


SourceTHE NEW YOU(1)

 I heard about this show online one day and made a mental note that I wanted to start watching it. Then we went on our Seattle road trip and one of our friends mentioned it and said she really liked it. So I had some free time yesterday while I was blogging and decided to turn it on in the background. I ended up watching…6 episodes at once. 🙂 Haha don’t you just love binge watching?

It’s on Netflix, it’s created by Tina Fey. It’s about a girl named Kimmy Schmidt, who was trapped in a bunker for years with other women by a man who tricked them into thinking there was an apocalypse. Now that they’ve been rescued and freed into the world and she decides to take on NYC. It’s really funny to see her exploring New York with such fresh eyes and optimism. One of my favorite parts of the show are her funny old school references since she is so behind on the times and technology. It’s a light, fun, show and a little quirky and I like it.



Another show I just watched yesterday is called Barely Famous. It features Sara and Erin Foster, the daughters of music producer David Foster. It’s a fake reality show about the absurdities of Hollywood, life in LA, dating, and insisting they are normal in a crazy, celebrity obsessed city. It features their famous friends like Kate Hudson and Courtney Cox. They make fun of reality show and reality stars and they are totally in on the joke. It just premiered Wednesday but I’m already hooked.



I know I’ve been talking about my road trip to Seattle all week, but road trips are really one of my favorite things to do. If you’d like to revisit some of our other past road trips head over to our travel page! I’ve blogged about our:

 LA to San Fran trip


 2011 road trip


 Chicago to LA




Lastly, I just wanted to say quickly that I’m so glad Chris picked Whitney from the Bachelor, for those of you who don’t watch it. I think they’re a great match and she’s a Chicago girl (as am I!) Call me crazy, but I hope these two crazy kids make it. Arlington, Iowa is a small town but hopefully they can carve out a nice, quiet life there filled with his warm, sweet family.

Happy Friday all! Can’t wait to read all your Friday Favorites too! See you Monday friends.


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorite Link Ups

    1. I finally put together my gallery wall with the help of my boyfriend, not sure it would look as nice if i did it! I’ll have to do a post about it soon 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and stopping by! I saw your blog today too and you have so many great pictures!

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