Day 1 Road Trip LA to Seattle

If you are just reading this post today, you might have missed that I went on a road trip from LA to Seattle. I mapped out where we went. Today I’m going to start breaking down our trip. We did so much and I want to make sure I do justice to the great places we visited. So without further ado:

Day 1- Saturday February 28th:

Because San Fran is about a 6 hour drive from our place, we weren’t in a rush to leave early in the morning. So before we left we helped a friend with her moving sale in Santa Monica. Afterwards, we went out to brunch and met up with another friend.

One of our favorites places to eat in Santa Monica is Bru’s Wiffle.We always order the same thing their King Waffles which is a single waffle topped with peanut butter and bananas and comes with bacon, that we always put on the side. They also have great chicken and waffles there too! If you’re ever in the neighborhood I highly recommend this place.

If you follow us on Instagram you already saw this picture:

IMG_20150228_112909 After meeting our friends Erin and Richard for brunch here we headed to San Fran for the first stop on our road trip. The drive up was nice and uneventful. We listen to lots of music and podcasts when we are on the road. Our favorites are: Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin, Serial , Off Camera, This is Reality (Jason and Molly Mesnick), Start Up, and the JFK Library also has great podcasts. What podcasts do you all listen to that I should try out? I’d love to hear your suggestions! As soon as we got to San Fran we met more friends at a restaurant for a late dinner. It was a so nice to see our friends from both NYC and Seattle in the same place. After the dinner we went to a nearby bar and caught up some more. It reminded me of this quote, which is one of my favorites: 3699ff320ce1f3fc65297896c9770101 I feel incredibly lucky and fortunate to have friends and family that live all over the US and the world, but I definitely miss them and get homesick from time to time. But that is always one of my favorite reasons for taking road trips because it allows us to see our people all over. That night we stayed at our friend’s house that we both know from high school, who lives in the Sunset area of San Fran. So day 1 of our road trip was a success. A great start to our trip. The first of many memorable nights to come. IMG_20150301_103425


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