I Like You Just The Way I Am by Jenny Mollen


This book by Jenny Mollen was very funny and at time raunchy. She tells outrageous stories of her life including hiring a stripper for her husband for his birthday, sneaking in the back seats of cars to catch a glimpse of her husband’s ex,  getting Botox with her friend, and being high at her dad’s 4th wedding. She is married to actor Jason Biggs from American Pie fame.

It’s funny to hear her perspective of being an actress in Hollywood trying to make it and how hard that can be. She talks a lot about her upbringing and the many shortcomings of her self obsessed parents. She both jokingly and seriously blames her parents for how she turned out. She talks a lot about her therapy sessions and how her mom’s obsession with beautry transfered on to her and how she constantly craved attention from her dad.

She is like the crazy friend you have who instead of just thinking crazy things, actually does them. Her book is no holds barred and very entertaining. I originally picked it up because I had heard so many celebrities talking about it. It definitely lives up the the hype. She is a hoot, that’s for sure.


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