Interview Series Featuring Erika, from A Little Bit of Everything Blog

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Today on the blog, I’m featuring Erika from A Little Bit of Everything Blog. She is so sweet and down to earth. She blogs about her adorable family, her life in Texas, fashion, and other fun things. She’s one of my favorite bloggers, and I’ve been a loyal reader for years, and wanted to share her with all of you! Without further ado:

Hi!!  I’m Erika, a Christian, a wife, mama to three, a planner by heart, Rodan and Fields’ consultant, a lover of all things girly, and I blog over at A Little Bit of Everything!  Feel free to invite me to go shopping or get a pedicure ANY time!  🙂  I was so excited when Julie asked me to share with you guys today.  I am by no means an expert on any of these things, but I love sharing what works for me.



PLACE YOUR TEXT HEREI started blogging in 2008!  I had several friends who had blogs and they encouraged me to do it.  That was pre-kids, so I hardly EVER blogged.  I remember them giving me a hard time about never posting and my response was always, “Do you want me to take pictures of Tab and I watching television every night?”.  hahaha!  Once I had kids it was the perfect way for my family who lives far away to stay updated.  Recently I shifted to include a more “lifestyle” approach.  I’m loving having my own little space to share “a little bit of everything”.

PLACE YOUR TEXT HEREI love the friendships you make just through blogging.  That has definitely been my favorite part!

PLACE YOUR TEXT HERE(1)Absolutely!!  I do share some personal things, but I not to have TMI via the blog.  🙂

PLACE YOUR TEXT HERE(2)Link-ups are your friends!!  I began linking up any chance I got.  You can do giveaways as well.  They’re a great way to reach more people.  And…keep it up!  It can take a lot of time to grow a blog.




PLACE YOUR TEXT HERE(3)I’m sure people told me this, but I probably wasn’t paying attention….it’s HARD!  I had tons of friends who were good at their job and made it look so easy!


The simple moments are definitely the most rewarding….like us all playing a board game at night and everyone is laughing (and getting along..ha!).  The most challenging part is teaching them EVERYTHING!  haha!  Seriously…it’s a little stressful thinking about every little thing you have to remember to teach them.



I can’t think of anything, but I’m sure I do a lot of things my mom did.


I always wanted three kids.  My grandparents had three girls and at holidays their house was always full of people during the holidays.  I just always imagined having three.

PLACE YOUR TEXT HERE(14)We both have the same values and beliefs.  Our marriage is based on our faith.  We both spend time in prayer and in the word daily.  I can’t imagine how hard it would be to “do life” with someone who didn’t have the same faith as me.




I love the beach OR maybe I should say I love a warm climate with a view of the beach and a nice lounge chair by the pool.  🙂

PLACE YOUR TEXT HERE(12)The Real Housewives of ANYWHERE!

PLACE YOUR TEXT HERE(10)I want to travel a lot more and see many places??  That’s not a fabulous item for a bucket list!  hahaha!  I don’t have anything crazy on my list!


So many things make me happy!!  I’m going to go for super simple in my list…

1.  A quiet bubble bath at the end of a long night

2.  Board games with my kiddos

3. Chips and salsa

4. Family Getaways

5. Hearing my kiddos sing a worship song


Julie…thank you SO much for having me!!

Thank YOU Erika for stopping by and sharing your life with us! Be sure to follow her on her blog and instagram.


15 thoughts on “Interview Series Featuring Erika, from A Little Bit of Everything Blog

  1. Deep in the Heart

    I love reading Erika’s blog as well. She is lighthearted and jovial! You can tell that by the use of her “hahaha” and !!!!!!! I have one small, small criticism. I know Erika was a teacher before kids, but when she responded with “Tab and I” watching television every night, it just made me cringe. The correct way to write that is “Tab and me.” It is simple third grade grammar. As a blogger, I think it is beyond important to be a role model and proper grammar makes you look well read and well spoken. Unfortunately, at this point, Erika losses some points from me. I hope you don’t see this negatively, it is just some constructive criticism that I hope she benefits from for the next time she writes.

    1. Jen

      This was really rude and unnecessary. You could have been kinder about pointing out the mistake or just sent a personal message to Erika. I am a high school English teacher, and I make grammatical errors/spelling mistakes from time to time. We are all human. Erika is writing a blog, not a dissertation for review! Furthermore, how awful of you to judge when you don’t know what kind of teacher Erika was. She could have specialized in science, math, art, or physical education. It bothers me that some people expect all teachers to be experts in every content area. My husband is a history teacher and is a terrible speller; does this make him an inadequate teacher? These are some things to consider the next time you feel the need to judge.

    2. Jen

      Deep in the Heart, I also had to point out that your last sentence is a comma splice and should be corrected by putting a semi-colon where the comma is. 🙂

        1. Deep in the Heart

          Thanks for the correction. Now maybe you two can pay it forward. You are doing the exact same thing that you called me out for in my post.

          1. Jen

            No, it was not the same thing. I was kind about it and even included a smiley face. I said that we are all human, and I also make mistakes. I didn’t tell you that you “made me cringe” with my error. There was nothing wrong with pointing out the mistake; the manner in which you did so is what I found offensive.

  2. Jersey Village, TX

    I don’t think this is the forum to comment on comments. However, I will give some perspective as well. If I am being honest, Erika’s incorrect use of grammar does bug me, and I appreciate that someone had the guts to mention it. It was not rude, it was just honest. Not everything in bogland is rainbows and unicorns. It seems that anything written for constructive criticism gets bashed immediately. Wow…this really opens my eyes to what bloggers really expect from their readers. It’s pretty sad.

  3. twins times two

    Thanks, Jenn, for pointing our your error and defending yourself. I actually tend to agree with what Deep in the Heart wrote. She is spot on and honest, which I think is hard to take at times. Her courage is pretty refreshing in bogland. She may have seen your smiley face as sarcasm. I could be wrong, but you were pretty harsh yourself, and to follow up with a smiley face seemed weird. Either way, is the blog post not about Erika? She seems like a sweet girl,and I am sure she is embarrassed by this tirade.

    1. Jen

      Hi! I truly was not intending to be harsh. Maybe I brought my own defensiveness to the table because as I said, I constantly hear people insinuating that all teachers should be experts in every subject. It gets frustrating.
      I apologize if I seemed sarcastic or snarky. That was not my intention. Thanks for helping to give me some perspective, especially on the fact that Erika would not want this negativity transpiring here.

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