Interview Series Featuring Lesley, a Travel Blogger Part 2

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If you missed it last week, I was lucky enough to interview Lesley Murphy, a travel blogger over at The Road Les Traveled, who was also a contestant on the Bachelor on Sean’s season. Today continues part 2 of her interview. Be sure to check out the first part of her interview here. DSC_0694Untitled design(1)2014Buenos Aires was a great choice because it’s one of the biggest cities in South America with no shortage of culture or things to do. The cost of living is incredibly low, too. It’s also a great hub from which to travel to different areas of the continent. I also wanted the chance to improve my Spanish skills, which is an awesome challenge to get through every day. No matter what I did in a certain day, I always felt like I accomplished something because I practiced my second language.

2014Good question! I’d liek to see and live in as many places as possible, so if the opportunity presented itself to move elsewhere, I’d definitely be open to that. It would just have to be the riht thing at the right time.

2014I sold a lot of my furniture, which I found very cleansing and freeing. That’s the difference between my friends and I back home. They definitely have more physical aspects in their lives than me. They have stuff, I have experiences. I’m very okay with that.


2014He’s worked for a consulting firm down here helping entrepreneurs expand through South America. He’s loved every aspect about it, the connections he’s made and the opporunity to work in Spanish daily. It’s all been very positive.


It’s been the best thing we could’ve asked for. Our relationship was a long distance until I moved in with Wade in Buenos Aires. He was in Dallas and I was in DC. We’d see each other once or twice a month. When he moved to Argentina, he’d been down for three months before I made the move. We’re basically on top of each other in our shoe box of an apartment, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2014(1)Great question. The lifestyles are very different between the two continents. The Argetine’s have this mentally that if it doesn’t get done today, that’s okay. It’ll get done tomorrow, or maybe next wee, Nobody’s in any hurry here. It has a laid back vibe that I’m in love with. Lunches can last almost 3 hours on a weekday. So productive, right? It’s okay to have wine every night of the week. Count me in.


I worked as a marketing manager for a luxury hospitality company for a year, which gave me the tools to start my own website. I saw an opportunity to work with different brands, tourism boards, hotels and airlines in order to educate and inspire people to travel.Travel

2014(20)Family time. Plane flights. Underweight baggage. Satisfying meals. Laughing so hard you cry.


2014(21)My mom actually sent me this a while back, saying it described me to a T. I think she’s spot on. “She promises herself adventure, new places, different views, a chance to get lost. She infuses her day with newness and wonder. She brings a camera everywhere, notices the little things, gets a cup of coffee at a different cafe, takes the long way home. She discovers so much unexpected joy. She begins to love the journey.”


Do it! I’ve received tons of emails on a daily basis asking how these people on the other end of the email can do what I do, what career path I’ve taken to get where I am, and what advice I have in order to get there. Everyone’s path is different. You don’t have to replicate mine in order to do something similar. If you want something bad enough, I think you’ll find ways to make it happen. They can read more of my story here.

2014(23)There are few things in life more beneficial than travel. It’s healing, it’s enriching, it’s knowledge and education everywhere you go. It expands your mind and contacts and gives you a better sense of yourself and the world around you. I’ve also become a bit more patient and learned that you can’t plan everything, so don’t even try. Just go!


I want to thank Lesley again so much for participating in my interview series! Be sure to follow her on social media: her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


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