Monthly Bucket List Link Up!

One of my favorite bloggers Erika, over at A Little Bit of Everything Blog, is hosting a link up today for a Monthly Bucket List. She is partnering up with Emily from They Call Me Mama. I thought this is such a good and fun idea! Also next week on Thursday Erika is the feature for my interview series, be sure to come back for it!

Bucket List


So last year I tried to do my own happiness project where each month I focused on just a few goals, as opposed to goals for the entire year. But as it usually goes, I did good for the first few months, then it fell away towards the end of the year. I did pick up some good habits from it though that I still do today, but I definitely need to be more on top of it all this year. So this monthly bucket list is a perfect way to get me back on track and remind me what I need to be working on!

1) Journal every few days. I love writing (which is one of the reasons why I love blogging.) I’ve kept a journal since high school, so over ten years ago! (My 10 year reunion is this coming summer, eek!) I love writing down memories to look back on later. It’s so easy to forget the little things that happen everyday.

This March my boyfriend and I will have been together for 9 years and it’s really cool to read my thoughts about him and our friendship before we started dating!

When I read old journal entries it takes me right back to that moment. I would like to say that I should write everyday but it’s just not realistic for me, so I’ll have to settle for every few days.


2) Wake Up and Make it Happen! So I found this little workout on Pinterest a few months ago. For a little while my boyfriend and I were doing this everyday and it felt really good. We are going to get back on this plan starting February! Feel free to join us 🙂



3) Eating Better. I recently went to Target and bought a bunch of cooking magazines. I struggle with meal planning because it takes a lot of effort. I like quick, easy, healthy meals. So I needed some inspiration. I like cook books but sometimes I feel like magazines are a little more updated. So this month I’m really going to focus on what I’m eating and make conscious decisions.

Here are three that I bought:







4) California/Out West Bucket List. Lastly for this month, I want to create a bucket list for activities to do and things to see. Come October my boyfriend and I are planning a move out of California, to possibly Boulder or Seatttle. So we want to make sure we take advantage of where we are living now and not regret not doing things once we move.

A few things on our list currently are: Potato Chip Rock Hike, Spending time in San Diego, Camping in Death Valley, Seeing Crater Lake in Oregon, Visiting Cannon Beach in Oregon, and taking a road trip from LA to Seattle. I’ll be sure to do a post on all those activities once I have an official list and we will take you along with us on our adventures!


(This picture comes from my friends over at Relay Rides, with a complete guide to Portland.  I did a guide to my beloved Santa Monica, California with Relay Rides a few months ago.)

I’d love to hear about all your goals for the year and the next month more specifically! And also Link Up with Erika to share your lists! Happy Middle of the Week Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “Monthly Bucket List Link Up!

  1. I have really been trying to journal after my quiet time each morning…..I’ve done it off and on through the years and always love looking back at different struggles I was going through that seemed so big at the time and now seem so insignificant.

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