My Inappropriate Life by Heather McDonald




“My Inappropriate Life,” by Heather McDonald is a fun read, which is what I wanted and was expecting. Heather used to be a regular on Chelsea Lately and After Lately. She is a a stand up comedienne based out of LA. I love Chelsea Handler and her friends on her show. I recently read Jen Kirkman’s book, ” I Can Only Take Care of Myself,” she was also a regular on those shows.


In this book Heather talks about her life with her husband and three kids and what it’s like to be a comedienne on a cable show. She recounts stories of when she gets recognized in person in the age of social media. She also name drops a bunch which is funny and interesting. Chelsea Handler is friends with Jennifer Aniston and Heather is friends with Kris Jenner. It’s a fun look into the life of a comedy star and the company she keeps.

She, like most moms, deals with the guilt of being a working mom and the shaming from other stay at home moms. She navigates life as a soccer mom, and trying to find other couples to drink wine with and hang out in the pool with the kids.

One of my favorite things in this book was that she made references to the Bachelor show and her thoughts about it. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine so I love hearing other people’s opinions about it as well.

I really like that she is so honest about her thoughts in situations. And because she is a comedienne she puts such a fun spin and interpretations on situations.

Her chapters are short and she includes little pictures sporadically. I always like pictures because it’s a nice peek into people’s lives.

It was a fun, easy, read which is the types of books I mostly like to read. 🙂


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