The Everygirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness by Maria Menounos




I enjoyed Maria Menounos’s first book, “The Everygirl’s Guide to Life” so much, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her next book, “The Everygirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness.” She clearly knows what she is talking about since her last book was a best seller! This book centers around women who have no time or money. So with that in mind she offers quick, healthy recipes, short workouts you can do, and important stretches. She has pictures of her workouts, along with what equipment you will need.


She went from a size 14, down to a size 2! So she is clearly speaking from a place of experience. She lost 40 pounds and has kept it off by being diligent and continuing to work out and eat healthy.


For those of you who don’t have a home gym or gym membership, Maria shows how you can do workouts in the park on a bench. She stresses working with what you’ve got and making the most of it. We are all busy, but it’s important to incorporate exercise and activity into your daily lives. She talks about walking briskly, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and slowly cutting bad foods out of your diet.


And for people who don’t want to work out outside in the park, Maria goes one step further and gives easy workouts you can do in the comfort of your home. Here she is doing door squats in her bedroom. She even has workouts you can do in bed.


Her recipes look so good (and healthy!) and I can’t wait to try some of them. Here are her parents cooking quinoa stuffed zucchini. If you watched her reality show, “Chasing Maria Menounos,” her parents are adorable. 51y7S3JFKcL


I think one of the most important points she makes is doing things in moderation and not changing everything at once. It might be too hard for some people to start working out and changing their diet at the same time. So she says to just focus on one thing at a time and then slowly incorporate the other. And she also suggest eating 75/25 rule (or 80/20, 90/10, or whatever works for you) where most of the time you are eating healthy but still allowing yourself days or meals with other cheat foods. I think both of those points are really important and help people to feel less overwhelmed and more likely to stick to the plan.

Maria is super relatable and I really enjoy her books.


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