And One More Thing Before You Go by Maria Shriver


“And One More Thing Before You Go…” by Maria Shriver was a very quick 62 page book written for girls who have recently graduated high school and are heading off to college. I am past that age at 27, but a lot of the advice she gives applies to life.

Because I am so interested in Maria’s life as well as her famous Kennedy family, I always enjoy when she adds tidbits of her personal life into her books. It is so clear from reading this book and hearing Maria talk about her upbringing how much she loves and adores her parents.  She clearly had a close relationship with both of her parents and they shaped her personality greatly. She seems very loving, caring, and nurturing as a mother.


“You know what used to drive me nuts when I was a teenager? Just when I was dressed and had one foot out the door, my mother would inevitably say, “And one more thing before you go…” Needless to say, it was never just one more thing. It was more like five or ten. That’s a mother for you. So of course, now that I have four kids, I’m the one who says, “And one more thing before you go.” I’m the one with the daughters rolling their eyes and plugging their ears.”



The opening of her book make me smile. Because as much as some of us try to avoid it we become our parents. We hear ourselves saying things they used to say and doing things they used to do. I’m not a parent yet, but I definitely catch myself saying things my parents used to tell me. It’s funny how that happens.


As a mother of 4 Maria encourages young women to treasure the relationship they have with their mothers, to cut their moms some slack, and reminds readers to call their moms.

Her ten lessons in this book:

1. Fear Can Be Your Best Teacher

2. Be Willing to Let Go of Your Plan

3. Learn From Your Mistakes

4. You’ll Need a Lot of Courage

5. And When You Need Courage.. Think of the Women in Your Life

6. It’s a Balancing Act

7. Have a Little Gratitude

8. Keep a Childlike Quality

9. Forget Your Mirrors

10. Don’t Worry About Us. We’ll Just Sit Here in the Dark All Alone



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