California Coast Road Trip : LA to San Fran Part 2

Yesterday I started blogging about the first part of our trip from LA to Cambria, on the way to San Francisco. Today we continue up the coast to Big Sur, which is my favorite part of the California coast and highway 1. It is truly gorgeous, with sweeping views of cliffs and ocean. I’ve driven through Big Sur three times now and each time its beauty never ceases to amaze me!

So after our short but pretty waterfall hikes, we walked to the other side of the Limekilm State Park, which happens to be the Pacific Ocean. 🙂 The bridge had awesome lines and made for a pretty picture.


There was one picnic table and provided the perfect setting for our little picnic. We had fresh strawberries, raspberries, and some dark chocolate. And yes of course in true California fashion, the weather was sunny and warm. beach date On the beach there were a few rocks balancing upon each other, which I have only ever seen when I went to Virgin Gorda years ago. My friend Toby also likes to do this so it reminded me of him too.

rock beach

Back in February Dave’s parents came out to visit us and we did this trip backwards (San Fran to LA) and we stopped at Julia Pfeifer Burns State Park to do a long hike. I will have to blog about that trip at a later date, but it was a very impressive hike with awesome views and I’d highly recommend anyone going through Big Sur to stop at this park! You will not regret it!


When you go across the street you will go on a little walkway to this breathtaking view of the McWay Falls, which is an 80 foot waterfall that flows year round (so there’s really not a bad time to go to Big Sur!)waterfall beach

Other than Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, my favorite part of Big Sur is the Bixby Bridge. We stop each time we pass by it, but this time was the most clear. The ocean was pristine, with such deep blues and turquoise.  bixby bridge

highway 1

After these fantastic pit stops, we drove to Santa Cruz. We are lucky to have friends who live there that we’ve stayed with before, and they happened to be free on short notice. So we went to sushi with them and had mochi for dessert. We didn’t spend much time in the Santa Cruz area so I don’t have any fun recommendations for you at this time.

I was planning to only do two parts of this road trip, but I still haven’t even covered the San Fran portion of our trip two days in.  So as to not overwhelm you all, I’m going to cover San Fran in its own post part 3 coming at you on Monday! Stay tuned friends!




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