“What I Know Now” by Sarah Ferguson


What I Know Now,” by Sarah Ferguson is similar to Maria Shriver’s books where she shares lessons she’s learned along the way. Being young-ish (in my late twenties) I find it super interesting to hear lessons from women and men who are older than me. They have so much more experience and wisdom that I can benefit from.

I also find it super interesting in this book that she shares tidbits of her life before, during, and after being married to Prince Andrew and being a part of the British Royal Family. She also talks a little bit about her relationship with Diana and how much she misses hearing her laugh.

Wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, 1986

” I do not fear old age, what I fear is regret. I am passionate about living. I feel driven to seize every moment, for the clock never stops.”



While she has lived an extraordinary life meeting the likes of Nelson Mandela, having a friendship with Diana, and traveling around the world, she is still a normal woman who is a divorced mother to two girls. She is just in the public eye more than the average woman. But her lessons in his book are universal. She talks about co-parenting with her ex, self acceptance, having good manners, taking risks, living small, and aging well.


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