Friday Favorites: My Fall Line Up



It is Friday so you know what that means, Friday Favorites with some of my favorite blogger ladies from Texas! Be sure to check out and link up with A Little Bit of Everything Blog, Grace and Love Blog, and Momfessionals!

With it being October it is officially Fall people! Living in Southern California, you could have fooled me that the seasons have changed, because there is only one season here and it’s sunshine. Yes it’s nice, but it also means lots of sunscreen, sunglass tans, no changing leaves, no snow days, and no rainy days for my cute Hunter rain boots. I know, I know, first world problems, and California problems.

But trust me I know all about weather. I’m originally from Chicago, where it was literally negative 40 degrees last winter with the wind chill. It was one of the coldest winters in the history of Chicago. Here is the proof! A picture I took while watching the news.



Anyway back to the task at hand, my new favorite Fall shows.

A to Z  is a new romantic comedy show on NBC that is my absolute favorite! It is so cute and so fun. I love How I Met Your Mother, and the main character from this show is the mother from HIMYM, Cristin Milioti. She is so charming and lovable. And the guy is Ben Feldman who is most known for being on Mad Men. He is also on The Mindy Project, my other favorite show 🙂

Fun fact the work place from this show is filmed in Santa Monica at the Water Gardens which is about a mile from where I used to live in Santa Monica. It’s so cool to see it on tv!

This show is about the relationship of these two characters Andrew and Zelda (Hence the title A to Z) and it’s really fun to go along for the ride. It’s narrated by Katey Sagal (the mom on Married with Children, or more recently Sons of Anarchy). The show reminds me of 500 Days of Summer with its aura of romance and where the guy believes in love, fate, and destiny and the girl character is more cynical and realistic. I’m really excited about this show and already got two of my roommates hooked on it as well. So start watching!


I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. This show is fun because you can hear the character’s thoughts as they are thinking them. It’s a show about being young and dating in Manhattan. It stars Analeigh Tipton and Jake McDorman who are fresh faces and I think it will be a light, fun show to watch each week.


John Mulaney is a comedian who is most well known for being a writer on SNL for 5 years. He has a great stand up special that is on Netflix called New in Town which I would highly recommend. The show is very similar and reminiscent of Seinfeld. And if you are familiar with this stand up he does use a few of his jokes in the show. The show is loosely based on his life of being a stand up comedian and the people in his life. But I think he’s really talented and funny and am hoping that the show gets better. The pilot episode was kind of just mediocre for me. But I have faith in John Mulaney that the show will get better!




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