No Regrets by Sarah Ivens


“No Regrets (101 Fabulous Things To Do Before You’re Too Old, Married, or Pregnant)” by Sarah Ivens is a fun, easy breezy, inspiring read. I am a big fan on bucket lists and making goals so it was fun to read through her long list of things she deems worthy of trying and doing. She also shares a lot of her personal stories and experiences of doing some of these items and it’s fun to go along on her journeys.

While I agree that it is a catchy title, I don’t necessary agree that you have to do all or most of these things before you are too old, married, or pregnant. I’ve crossed off so many items off of my bucket list with my boyfriend right by my side and I’m so happy he was there with me. It’s such a bonding experience to go through amazing things in life together. (If we are getting technical we are not married yet, but I feel like we are!) But for you single gals out there I do agree that you shouldn’t have to wait around for a man in order to do these awesome things. But I do agree that riding a mechanical bull (number 64 on her list) while you’re pregnant is not recommended!

Here are some of my favorites from her list of 101:

  • 36. Kayak on a Phosphorus Lake at Midnight
  • 46. Go on an African Safari
  • 52. People Watch in Paris
  • 55. Sit Still at Macu Picchu
  • 60. Eat Too Much in Italy
  • 69. Do Something That Scares You
  • 78. Find a Mentor
  • 80. Learn a Foreign Language
  • 84. Spend Time With Your Grandma
  • 89. Make a Family Tree


Those items are all pretty self explanatory and all very important (to me at least). I’m adding these to my own personal bucket list. I have a huge passion for travel so I loved that section in particular in her book. The structure of her book made it quick and easy to read. She shares her thoughts on each item, then has other women from all over the world with different professions give their opinions, and lastly gives alternatives if you can’t do them (if they are out of your price range or geographical radius).

One of my favorite things about reading this book was that she is British, so occasionally she would throw in fun British expression like bloke, knickers, and mates. I love all things British and having to do with England so that made it a fun read for me. The biggest take away from this book for me is to make sure you seize the day, enjoy life and don’t let it pass you by! We live in a beautiful world and there is so much to see and do. It’s important not to get bogged down in the mundane things in our everyday lives.



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