Unsweetined by Jodie Sweetin


I was so curious and interested in reading this book because I grew up watching Full House like millions of others. Jodie Sweetin played middle daughter, Stephanie Tanner for the 8 years that Full House was on in the 90s. Her book talks about her childhood and growing up in front of the cameras, and what it was like on the set of Full House. They were all really close and got along. They still are in touch today and meet up for private reunions. Jodie talked about how she was an only child but felt like Candace Cameron’s, who played her older sister DJ Tanner, little annoying sister in real life. She would try to impress her with jokes and get her attention.   fh   Full_House_Reunion_092412_LeadJodie was adopted and struggled with that even though she had very supportive and loving adoptive parents. She fell into a rough crowd and spiraled out of control. She hung out with people who she thought were her friends but only used her for the good times in clubs and the drugs she readily provided for them. She chronicles her drug abuse and the heartbreak it caused her family and then husband. She talked about rehab and how quickly she went back to her old ways afterwards. When she found out she was pregnant she changed her habits, but only temporarily. She had the occasion relapse and for a time moved back in with her parents. Her life story is full of ups and downs and she is very honest in the book about her struggles. For someone like me who has no experiences with drugs and alcohol, this was a real look inside the life of an addict and what it is truly like.


2 thoughts on “Unsweetined by Jodie Sweetin

  1. i heard good things about this book! i think it’s actually quite tough to be a “child star”. i like it when they write books like this explaining that they had real life troubles too.

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