The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke


Brooke Burke Charvet wrote a book about being a parent, a partner, a girlfriend, and a business woman. She talks about balancing it all on good days and bad days. She has 4 kids, 2 from her first marriage and 2 from her fiancé (now husband David Charvet). So she talks about having a blended family and how that has its challenges. She respectfully talks about her first marriage and the hard decision she faced in getting a divorce and breaking up her family.


For fans of Dancing With the Stars she gives some fun behind the scenes tid bids about being a contestant as well as the co host. She was a contestant on the show shortly after giving birth and she expressed her guilt over not bonding with her son in his first few months. But she went on to win her season and showed her daughters how hard work and persistence pays off.


She shares lot of stories about her life and the lessons she’s learned that other moms could benefit from. She doesn’t preach what she thinks other moms should do, but tells you what has worked for her and her family. I liked reading about the different ways she spends time individually with her kids and how different they are. What works with one children, doesn’t always work for another.

As a mom she plays many roles and I like that she stressed the importance of being a good partner and friend. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the role of Mom and forget about your own needs. Her book is a great reminder to take care of yourself as well and tend to those important relationships.

She speaks very honestly throughout her book on each topic. She seems very down to earth and real, which are two qualities I really appreciate about her. It’s nice to get a peek behind the scenes of a Hollywood mom and see how similar we all really are.



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