Brunette Ambition by Lea Michele



I really enjoyed this book by Lea Michele. She is most known for her role on Fox’s TV Hit Glee. I am not a big Broadway musical fan so I didn’t know her from Spring Awakening or Les Miserables, for which she is also well known.

This book is a great self help guide that covers a lot of topics. She shares professional tips from her beauty team including hair, make up, and style. She also features her trainer and her backyard workout with a few weights and resistance bands.

She moved from New York to LA for work and talks about finding good friends and having a support system. I relate to this because I moved from Chicago to LA and had to build my own support system of friends when I got here as well. She talks about the importance of maintaing friendships and helping to keep you sane in the industry and in life in general. She’s very relatable and I also like that about celebrities or people in the media to show that side.





Throughout the book Lea also offers up some of her favorite food recipes. Her whole book is filled with great pictures. Lea also shares fun behind the scenes pictures from Glee and her early days on Broadway. She also talks about Glee and how it changed her life. She talks very little about Cory Monteith, her boyfriend who passed away last year from a a combination of alcohol and heroine, which is understandably as it is very personal and heartbreaking. But she did say that he read the book and helped her with some edits.

She sometimes gets a bad rap in the media as being a diva. But as I see it, she is just a successful girl following her dreams and she shouldn’t have to apologize for it. She is a triple threat, she can sing, act, and dance. She’s also written this book, been on a successful series, sang at the White House, sang on Broadway, been nominated for a Golden Globe award, recorded an album, among other things! And she’s only 27!

Men in the entertainment industry don’t get attacked for being demanding or difficult to work with. I think women get an unfair light shed on them that is a double standard. Lea Michele is a force to be reckoned with, the world better watch out!




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