Pin-spired Linked Up


I’ve enjoyed linking up lately with some of my favorite blogs that I check on a regular basis. So I’m continuing today with Pin-spired with Shay at Mix and Match Mama. She’s got great style that I really like. She doesn’t shy away from colors and knows what works for her. Shay also shares fun pictures of her sweet kiddos. If you haven’t already, definitely check out her website. She also has a food blog and a travel agency. Talk about a multi tasking mama!

pinspired2 copy

Pinterest is an amazing place for inspiration of all kinds (if you didn’t already know!) Weddings, parties, travel, what to read, inspirational quotes, and what to wear. I love browsing to see how other people style their clothes and accessorize.

So this month for my first link up with Get Pin-spired, I wanted to look up pink maxi skirts.  I recently bought both a hot pink maxi skirt as well as a black one. So I started looking for some ideas of what to pair my pink maxi skirt with and here is what I found:

Black striped shirt with a turquoise necklace and gold accessories. 

Black striped tank top, a black belt, aviators, and a black leather jacket. 9c0fb60a055ececdd66cd3da5a079a6b

 Jean jacket, white tank top, and turquoise jewelry.


 White tank top, turquoise jewelry, and a brown belt.  


 Black tank and blazer, turquoise jewelry, and nude wedges. 


Grey tank, gold jewelry, and a black belt.  


 Black tank, gold statement necklace, nude heels. 


Color blocking with an orange tank, gold belt, black leather jacket, and bright accessories. 



I love how different yet simple these outfits are. With a few accessories (mostly turquoise and gold jewelry) and belts these outfits are totally transformed. Next time I put on my hot pink maxi skirt I’ll have these to look at for inspiration. Which is your favorite?


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