The Spice Girls Story Documentary

This is the story of the Spice Girls who went from being young hopefuls to global pop icons. This doc talks about the musical that featured but reinvented their songs back in 2012 called Viva Forever.


Geri went back to the location of their first video, Wannabe 16 years later. It was the song that put them on the map and launched them into superstardom. And  Mel C went back to the recording studio where they recored Wannabe.

Victoria said it really well when she said, “I think the Spice Girls songs really have stood the test of time. The lyrics are good, the melodies are really good, they’re catchy. And the Spice Girls song take people back to a really happy time. People hear the songs and it takes them back to having fun and being young and that’s what we were all about.”

The producers of the musical Viva Forever wanted the show to be a modern fable about girl power, fame and celebrity, and not about the Spice Girls themselves but their spirit.  Judy Craymer, one of the producers, was the genius behind the hit show Mama Mia.


Emma shared a sweet story talking about how she was really homesick in the beginning of the band and how she got the name Baby Spice because she was a big baby, as well as being the youngest of the group.

The girls talked about how they were poorly managed in the beginning of the group and how they were so eager to achieve stardom and decided to leave their management.



Mel C’s mom was also interviewed about her memories of their early days and knowing they were going to make it. Victoria’s mom also talked about how the girls would say when we are famous instead of if we are famous.

The girls said they wanted to have a musical because there are so many stories to be told. They began meeting with producers and wanted Judy Craymer. Judy and the writer listened to the songs and found themes among them for the musical.


Geri shared the first picture ever taken of them being the Spice Girls. She said her favorite photos are the ones from the early days because they represent such hope, and the dream, and the beginning.

The girls talked about liking and identifying with their Spice Girl names, particularly Posh, Baby, and Scary. Mel B talked about how the girls different personalities balanced each other out.

Listening to the new versions of the songs gave me goosebumps literally every time. Geri said that too. She said it was like passing the songs to a new generation. When she watched the rehearsal of the musical Geri had tears in her eyes.


The Spice Girls were relatable and that’s what they say their success came from. They were real girls and were down to earth. Girls wanted to be them and boys wanted to date them.

The girls talked about the height of their fame and how incredibly busy they were and how overwhelming and how overworked they were.

Geri said looking back she understood that the girls were upset with her and rightfully so and how awful she felt and how painful it was for her.


This doc also talked about their 2007 reunion tour and also how they reunited again for the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony. The doc shows the opening night of the premiere of the musical with all 5 girls in attendance.


The girls talked about what being a Spice Girl meant to them and how close they still all are. It’s a really sweet and heartwarming doc that I really enjoyed. Girl power is really contagious.


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