My Happiness Project : June Goals

June marks the half way point of My Happiness Project. Can you believe it’s already the summer again?

Here is the reminder for us all of what I’m focusing on for this month.


  • Volunteer Once A Week
  • Check in with Family & Friends on a Regular Basis
  • Be More Patient




I’m really excited to find fun, worthy causes to put my time towards this month. I will keep you updated on which volunteer events I attend. I love to spend time with kids and to help the environment so I’m guessing I will do something along those lines. What are your favorite areas to devote time to?


Now that I live away from home I think it’s super important to keep in touch with my family and friends. We all get busy and wrapped up in our lives, but it’s good every now and then to just check in. And in this day in age when technology makes it so easy to communicate, we really have no excuses. You can Skype, text, email, or call. It just takes a second. So get connecting!



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