Snowdon & Margaret Part 2

In the mid 60s they were the most modern and glamourous royal couple. They parties they threw were attended by the elite of the artistic world such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and Frank Sinatra.


People were never allowed to forget that she was a Princess. She was always regal and grand in every setting. Tony became increasingly tired of his wife’s high standards and royal ways. They began to argue in front of others.  Tony began working again and would go away for long stints. The unhappiness led to affairs, due to the feelings of neglect. He asserted his independence and she was left lonely.

Princess Margaret was known to be temperamental and Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother were sympathetic to him. Tony was having an affair with the neighbor’s daughter who was 16 years his junior. The press threatened to come out with the story and the girl admitted to the affair. Tony’s world was crashing in on him and he took it out on Margaret.

As their marriage began to unravel, Margaret was starting to gain weight and began drinking. Margaret then started a relationship with a man 17 years her junior, Rody Luellen. When the press printed a photo of Margaret with her younger lover it was the last straw for Tony. He saw it as a way out of the marriage. The press wasn’t so kind and Tony came out on top, making it seem like it was her fault.

They divorced in 1978 and she was devasted. Divorce went against her religious beliefs and felt she had let the royal family down. This divorce was the first in the royal family in more than 400 years.

Her health deteriorated after the divorce, while Tony’s photography career continued. He continued to keep a good relationship with the royal family despite the divorce. The family appreciated that he had never spilled the beans on the marriage with Margaret.


Tony went on to get remarried to a lady he was having an affair with while he was still married to Margaret. But his wandering eye and promiscuous ways continued and he had a love child with a woman 30 years his junior, when he was 67 years old. He then had his second divorce.

It’s really a sad story of the marriage but very interesting and scandalous. I didn’t know the Queen actually had a sister until recently. Margaret passed away in 2002 at the age of 71 after suffering several strokes. And Tony is still alive today at age 83.


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