The Princesses of Monaco

I have heard of Grace Kelly before. I knew she was the Princess of Monaco. I remember Nicole Richie saying that her wedding dress was inspired by Grace Kelly. I know Nicole Kidman is in a movie about her. And that was about all I knew about her.


I had no idea she was an Academy Award winning actress. I didn’t know how many kids she had. I didn’t know she was a model. I didn’t know about her private life. I had no idea that she died from a car accident at the age of 52.

I decided to watch this 45 minute documentary on Grace Kelly and her family. It talked about her life and how she met the Prince of Monaco and the upbringing of her children. It was interesting to hear about what her kids were up to and how they dealt with growing up in the spotlight. It also talks about how her family picked up the pieces after her death.

Intimate Portrait – The Princesses of Monaco


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