William & Harry : The Brother Princes

This short 20 minute special follows Prince William and Prince Harry on their first official visit to South Africa together. They were there to work with their charities: William on conservation and Harry with underprivileged children.


The close bond they share is plain to see and it’s really sweet. They have busy schedules and it’s rare for them to be together, so they were clearly enjoying each other’s company. They tease each other and are sarcastic but say that is how they keep each other grounded.

William talked about how their father instilled in them an appreciation of the environment and the importance of conservation. Harry talked about how being in Africa allows them to step out of the limelight that is always on them back home in London.

Prince Harry started a charity with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, who is also the brother of the king to be, and lost his mother as well. William works with the Tusk Trust and is a patron.


The media following the Princes allows a light to be shone on these important causes. Harry says it helps to remind the public of these issues and how lucky they are.
 They both said how they think about their mother with their work. William said he likes to thinks he would be proud of them. And Harry mentioned that he thinks about her everyday and what she would be like and what she would be doing, and that that keeps them going everyday. It is really sweet and actually gave me goosebumps.
My favorite part was the very last few seconds when they end the interview and Harry tries to go in for a hug with William and he says , “Don’t touch me. I’ve said all I’ve ever said about you. It’s disgusting, I feel sick. I need to beat you up or something.” They are such normal, down to earth gentlemen and they don’t deserve the negative press. The work they do is quite inspiring and makes me want to do more to give back.

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