Spice Girls Giving You Everything Documentary

loved this documentary! I grew up with the Spice Girls and in my group of friends when all picked which Spice Girl we were and I was Posh Spice. She was my favorite and I still love her to this day. What’s not to love? She’s married to gorgeous David Beckham, she has 4 adorable kids, and runs a fashion empire, and she has a British accent.


But I love all the other Spice Girls too. The message was girl power and positivity and the whole world had Spice Girl fever. I am so happy they made this doc, it’s so much fun to look back and hear their old songs.

They interviewed all the girls separately. They talked about their childhoods, how they got into the Spice Girls, and all their fame and success. It’s so interesting to hear what they thought and how they dealt with all of the pressure and their successes differently.

There was lots of great footage of their early days when they first formed the group. They all lived together in a house and bonded and got to know each other very quickly. And something I never heard knew was there was a different girl that was in the group but she didn’t fit in as well so in came Emma.

Spice Girls-940538

It’s crazy to hear how quickly things happened for them. Wannabe was their first single and it launched them immediately. And Say You’ll Be There, their second single transformed the girls from a one hit wonder into a band.


The girls were incredibly ambitious and wanted to be the biggest girl band in the world. And they achieved it. They were known world wide and had number one hits in multiple countries.

They also talked about how surreal it was to meet famous people like Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles.


The group dynamic was also discussed. They talked about how they were together all the time and how sometimes they needed a break from each other. And how when there were arguments and how they would gang up on each other and different personalities clashed at times. They also discussed having eating disorders for two of the girls.

Once they were successful they were getting to be overworked and weren’t given many days off. There was so many opportunities and travel and things were going at such a fast pace that the girls said they weren’t able to fully appreciate their success and what was going on because they were so exhausted. Due to this the girls decided it was time to fire their manager, Simon Fuller.

In 1998 was the year Geri, aka Ginger Spice, left the band and broke the hearts of millions. Geri discussed the events leading up to her decision to leave and the other girls talked about how they dealt with it and how they had to keep going without her. Victoria said it was never the same after she left.


Melanie B aka Scary Spice and Victoria became pregnant at the same time in 1998. In the early months of their pregnancies they still performed. The pregnancies meant it was time to take a break. The girls started doing solo stuff, but knew they wanted to come back together.


They showed footage of them announcing their reunion tour that was in 2007.  Mel B said she always knew they wold get back together. They showed the girl reuniting and talked about how good it felt to be back together. Geri called it the reconciliation tour. They also decided to bring their old manager, Simon Fuller back. They talked about being older and wiser now and how they appreciated being a Spice Girl and were so proud of what they achieved together.


And the doc ends with the girls preparing to get on stage for their reunion tour back in 2007, after 10 years they were back together again as the beloved Spice Girls.

If you loved the Spice Girls I think you will love this documentary. So get watching and spice up your life! 🙂


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