Monarchy – The Queen A Monarch for All Seasons

The third part of this documentary went over Queen Elizabeth’s happy home life with her parents and sister Margaret. It also touched upon the abdication of her Uncle who gave up the crown to marry the twice divorced American woman, Wallis Simpson.

Princess Elizabeth was present at her father’s coronation, she was just 10 years old when she became the heir apparent.

It also goes over how her family dealt with World War II and how they set an example for the nation during the time of rationing. The relationship of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip was also chronicled from their courtship to their old age now.


The Queen has traveled all over the globe visiting different countries in the commonwealth. Britannia was the Queen’s official yacht that was decommissioned in the new jet age because it was too expensive.

This doc is 10 years old, as it talks about the celebration of her 50th anniversary of her reign. But it is still a nice look into her very interesting and long life, dedicated to her people.




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