Monarchy – Coronation Britain – The Making of a Queen

The second part of the four part series titled Monarchy is focused on Queen Elizabeth’s coronation that took place in 1952.


It is astonishing to think that Queen Elizabeth came to the throne at the young age of 25, when she was a mother of 2 young children. Prince Charles was just 3 years old and Princess Anne was just 1 and 1/2. Her father died of cancer so suddenly, so wasn’t even home when he passed away. Her father had become King was she was 10 years old and she ascended to the throne much sooner than she expected.

This documentary goes over the first days of her reign as the Queen. She was faced with tough economic times in the beginning and lost her grandmother Queen Mary a few weeks before her coronation.

In addition to Queen Elizabeth having to deal with the monumental changes, her husband Prince Philip had to give up his naval career as well.


There were also interviews of people who were at the coronation and the excitement on the people felt on the streets. Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was the first one televised. There are also interviews from insiders such as two of the Queen’s cousins.

Her coronation was a symbol of hope and new beginnings, in which they call it the new Elizabethan age, after the dreary, sad, years of World War II.


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