Biography Channel : Grace Kelly

I watched another documentary on Grace Kelly from Biography Channel. This one was more through than the previous one I watched on her daughters.

The doc starts with her childhood and the dynamic of her family. Her dad who was an Olympian wanted his family to be into sports and strong but she was the smallest one and didn’t seem to fit in as well. She grew up with a rebellious streak. She wanted to act.

Her good looks got her a job as a model where she earned a lot of money and moved to New York.  She eventually got into acting and worked with Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, and Clark Gabel.

It was through being an actress that she met her future husband, the Price of Monaco. And it talked about her marriage and how she shaped and changed Monaco as a city. It also gave updates on her children and their lives.

I definitely understand the fascination with her now after seeing these documentaries. She was a gorgeous lady with serious acting chops (she won her Oscar at 26!) and took on the biggest role of her life as the Princess of Monaco.




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