What’s Next for Prince Harry?

Prince Harry did a four month tour in Afghanistan and he did interviews about his life abroad on the front lines as an apache pilot. He has been on two tours of duty. Harry joined the army after his gap year.


He is under major scrutiny at all times and has had to grow up with the constant limelight.  He is the spare to Prince William’s heir. He has a less defied role than that of William’s. The sibling next to the heir have always held a difficult position, such as Princess Margaret, sister of the Queen, and Prince Andrew, Prince Charles’s brother. William has had to bear much more of a burden knowing that he will one day be King, since he was a child. The brothers are incredibly close and share a strong bond. One of Harry’s role will be to support his brother when he becomes King.


Prince Harry said he has 3 lives, his army life, his private life, and his family life. Harry bring a lot of publicity to events that he attends and is generous with his time. He is involved with lots of charity work. He enjoys being in the army for the anonymity that it gives him and the camaraderie.


He is incredibly charming and has a very level head on his shoulders. I really enjoyed this look into his life and he looks quite handsome in his uniform.


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