30 Day Kettle Bell Challenge

Last month I featured the 30 Day Fitness Challenge for Planks and this month I decided to do the Kettle Bell Workout. I’m not going to lie, until I saw this workout I always thought they were called kettle balls. I had no idea it was a kettle bell. Ya learn something new everyday! 

The instructions on the website say, “You can complete the workout as many times as you like, if you can manage 2 or 3 sets of it then that’s great-if you can only manage to complete it once per day then that’s also great. If you complete this exercise workout everyday, or every other day throughout the month, you will see a noticeable improvement in your strength and muscle tone and you should be able to complete the workout much easier as each day goes by. You can incorporate this into your usual exercise routine, or add it on to a 30 Day Fitness Challenge you may be completing.” 

So let’s start another 30 Day Challenge, kettle bell style! Whose with me? 



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