Foodie Friday: Featuring Damn Delicious’ Dumplings

The other day I was on Pinterest and found a yummy looking recipe for dumplings. And through this pin I discovered a food blog called Damn Delicious with a huge amount of recipes that all look great! I  am so excited I found this blog and will be trying so many more of her recipes.

The first one I tried was the dumplings. Her pictures of her meals and ingredients are so professional and make the food look even more appetizing.

Check out her website for the recipe!

I made these dumplings with a few ingredients missing with the addition of others, (which is the beauty of it all, is that you can customize it how you would like) and it was so easy and so so good! There will definitely be more dumplings in my future. Thank you for sharing this with us Damn Delicious!

Source: Damn Delicious 


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