Travel Thursdays: Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

The Royal Gorge Bridge is in Canon City, Colorado. I had never heard of it before but found it a brochure about what to do and see in Colorado while I was there. So off we went for the day.

This is our beloved 4Runner right before we went into the park. We’ve been on quite a few cross country road trips with it.


Sadly this picture is a little dark but you get the gist, this is the bridge. image_1-1

I didn’t think I was really that afraid of heights, but depending on the situation I guess I am. It was pretty windy that day.


Here are some awesome white water rafters looking at them from the bridge. It’s pretty high up as you can see. image_1-4

We decided to go down to their level.




And here is the gondola that takes you from one side to the other of the park. And if I remember correctly it was a free ride.


Before we left the park my boyfriend and I went over to a cute little part of the park where it looks like an old Western town.



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