My Happiness Project!



  • No More Being Late, Be 10 Minutes Early
  • No Phones During Meal Time
  • Wake Up Early To Make the Days Longer and Be More Productive
  • Stick to a Budget, Manage and Organize Debt, Finances, Investments
  • Get a Composter
  • Limit Alcohol Intake to Once a Week


  • Run 3 Times a Week
  • Climb Twice a Week (my boyfriend)
  • No Meat
  • No Alcohol Month
  • No Processed Foods, No Candy, No Sugar
  • Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day
  • Cut Coffee Intake Down to Only 3 Times a Week vs. Everyday


  • Teeth Whitening
  • Floss Everyday
  • Focus on Skin Care (Wash My Face Every Night, Moisturize, Exfoliate, Sunscreen Daily, etc)


  • Workout in the Morning Before Doing Anything Else
  • Hike Once A Week
  • Take More Pictures
  • Write in My Journal Everyday


  • No More Procrastinating
  • Stop Avoiding Confrontation
  • Respond to Emails Right Away


  • Volunteer Once A Week
  • Check in with Family & Friends on a Regular Basis
  • Be More Patient



  • Learn Basic French & Teach my boyfriend Vietnamese
  • Bring My Reusable Cup Everywhere
  • Always Bring My Reusable Bags


  • Write Down My Dad’s Experience in the Vietnam War
  • Sign Up For Cooking and Sewing Classes
  • Lighten Up and Don’t Take Things So Seriously


  • Start Our Annual Fall Friends Trip (Labor Day Weekend?)
  • Use Coupons Efficiently
  • Start Training for the Honolulu Marathon! My First Marathon


  • Stop Rushing and Make Time For Things
  • Take My Vitamins Everyday 3 Times a Day
  • Make Lists and Get Through Them All


  • Write Down 5 Things I’m Grateful for Everyday
  • Send Emails to People Telling Them Why I Appreciate Them


  • Stop leaving things for the last minute
  • One Nice Deed a Day/ Act of Kindness
  • Donate to Toys for Tots



8 thoughts on “My Happiness Project!

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