Happy 2014!


Happy New Year!! It’s 2014, can you believe it? To start off the new year fresh, I am going to focus on my resolutions.

After reading The Happiness Project this summer, I was inspired to start my own project. So what better time to start it, than the New Year?


I know what you’re thinking, new year’s resolutions never work out, people always forget about them, and don’t follow through after January.

But with the Happiness Project, your goals and resolutions are spread out over the year, and you focus on only a few at a time. This way it makes it easier to keep track of your goals and not spread yourself too thin.


So at the beginning of every month I’ll go over my resolutions for the month and and the end of the month I’ll see how it has affected my overall happiness.

I wanted to share My Happiness Project with all of you, to inspire you to read the book, start your own project, to hold me accountable to these goals, and because this is what our blog Say Yes To Happy is all about!!

So come back tomorrow and I’ll lay out my Happiness Project month by month!




4 thoughts on “Happy 2014!

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